Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How To Set YouTube-Inspired Volume HUD On iOS 10 iPhone

Those who have jailbroken device have a great ability to easily set YouTube-inspired volume HUD on iOS 10 iPhone. It can be extremely annoying when the volume HUD on your device covers a large portion of the screen while you’re watching a video on your iPhone. YouTube got around this by displaying the volume HUD in the Status bar when watching a fullscreen video. 

Because Google offered the right idea, iOS developer midkin decided to create a YouTube-inspired volume HUD tweak that’s made to work across your whole iOS platform. The new jailbreak tweak YouTubeVolume becomes the result of midkin's work.

So to set YouTube-inspired volume HUD on iOS 10 iPhone you should first navigate to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and search for YouTubeVolume tweak that is available as a free download package. YouTubeVolume supports all jailbroken iOS 8, 9, and 10 devices. The tweak comes with dedicated preference pane from where you can toggle it on or off. Right after the tweak will be installed on your jailbroken device you will see the changes to the volume HUD any time you press either of your volume buttons, whether you’re in an app or on the Home screen. There is no need to respring your device as all your changes will take place right away.

In apps where you try to watch a video, play a full-screen game, or enjoy other features of the app itself that are normally hindered by the Volume HUD, this tweak offers a large enhancement in accessibility and visual aesthetics.

It’s worth noting that YouTubeVolume doesn’t modify the YouTube app in any way shape or form, so you will still experience the YouTube app exactly how Google intended you to experience it.

YouTubeVolume is a simple tweak that actually brings tiny design changes but if you like the way YouTube volume HUD and wan to enable it on your iOS device then it is the great choice.