Tuesday, March 7, 2017

LockMusic Replace Music Controls On The iPhone Lock Screen

If you want to replace music controls on the iPhone Lock screen then go on reading this post. Usually when a song playing on your iPhone, the Lock screen displays its album artwork along with such music playback controls as play/pause button, music scrubber, next/previous track buttons and more. If you want to change the way these elements are organized on the Lock screen, then a new Cydia jailbreak tweak dubbed as LockMusic will help you to do it.

Normally, the album artwork is displayed at the bottom of the Lock screen with the music controls above it. LockMusic changes the placement of these elements by inverting their position. It moves the music controls to the bottom of the screen while placing the album artwork at the top. This looks more organized and is a little more logical compared to the default positioning.

Apart from repositioning the music elements, the tweak offers an additional new feature. It adds a new button to the bottom right corner with an ellipses icon. It provides functionality to interact with the currently playing track, such as liking/disliking and playing a shuffle song.

LockMusic also changes the way the music elements are organized when there’s a notification on the Lock screen.

The developer behind the tweak ensures that he is planning to add some more changes. So the next planned updates are right around the corner, and will bring an high degree of customization to the layout and the player components.

LockMusic is a new iOS 10 compatible tweak that aims to bring functionality alongside with a nice and clean design for your Locks creen music player. If want to try LockMusic, it is available for download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99.

Personally I found the tweak useful and can confirm it works exactly as advertised. I know there are other tweaks that provide similar functionality, but if you are looking for one that is compatible with iOS 10 then Lock Music is the best to replace music controls on your iPhone Lock screen.