Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birdhouse Lets You See Tweets From Empty Notification Center Description

If you have jailbroken device you can see tweets from empty Notification Center with new Cydia tweak installed. By default when there are no unread notifications on your iPhone, you device shows the “No Notifications” message in the center of Notification Center. While this is aesthetically unpleasing, it also wastes potentially useful space.

Dubbed as Birdhouse by candoizo, this new jailbreak tweak fill in this space by displaying the most recent tweet from a particular feed in place of the boring "No Notifications" text. Birdhouse not only makes it nicer to look at this section of Notification Center, but it also helps you stay up to date on news, to learn a language, to monitor a funny bot. Let's see how the tweak does this trick.

How To See Tweets From Empty Notification Center

So to see how Birdhouse tweak will work on your jailbroken device you should first grab it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo absolutely for free. Note that this tweak supports only on jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

Keep in mind that Birdhouse works with the official Twitter API, so there is no need to install any Twitter-based apps on your device to use this tweak.

 After installation you will see Birdhouse's preferences pane in the Settings app where you can set the Twitter account you want to see Tweets from:

Once you've typed one, no respring is necessary. All you have to do is to leave the Settings app and open then close Notification Center for a few times and the full tweet will appear on the screen.

When you get a new notification, the tweet, that was displayed by the tweak, disappears and Notification Center displays notifications as they would normally appear until they’re dismissed. Once you dismiss it, the tweet will appear once again.

Birdhouse is an ineresting tweak that allows you to see tweets from empty Notification Center in iOS 10. If you follow a Twitter account frequently then you will find this tweak useful.