Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How To Change Instagram Username On iOS 10 iPhone

Here is a useful guide on how to change Instagram username using your mobile app. Unlike many social media platforms, Instagram comes with the flexibility of allowing users to change their usernames - which other users can use to identify, search, and tag you in photos on the app - after having created an account. Whether you're hoping to make your username more easily searchable or you're just in the mood for a change, you're in luck.

How To Change Instagram Username On iPhone

 If for whatever reason you want to change your Instagram username, follow these easy steps below:

Step1) On your iOS 10 iPhone launch the Instagram app from Home screen.

Step 2) Click on the Profile tab.

Step 3) Next, click on the Account Settings button.

Step 4) Then click on the Edit Profile cell.

Step 5) Click on your current username to activate the text field, then clear your current username with the keyboard.

Step 6) Type in your desired new username to replace it, then Hit Done when you are satisfied with your new username. This button is at the bottom of the page.

  • If your new username is unavailable because it has already been chosen by another user, a red message reading "Sorry, that username is taken."
  • If the username is available, a green message reading "Profile saved!"

As you can see changing your Instagram username is quick and easy process. Other Instagram users will see your new username instead of your old one whenever you comment on stuff or share new media. No one will be able to see what your previous username was.

Other users can find you by searching for your new username, but if they try searching for your old username, they won’t find you. So keep that in mind.