Monday, April 17, 2017

How To Keep Music Playing During iPhone Resprings

Want to know how to keep music playing during iPhone resprings. This is possible with new Cydia release installed. As you know that any music that you're listening to while installing tweaks on your device gets silenced when you apply respring. For many user this can be really annoying. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak dubbed as Don’t Stop the Party! by iOS developers David Goldman and Wizages helps fix the problem once and for all by letting the music play even during the respring process.

After installation, you can be listen to media from any of your music apps, including Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify, and if you respring your jailbroken iOS 10 device, the music won’t exhibit even the slightest hiccup.

As you can see on the GIF example below, the music is still playing after the device comes back online after a respring. This is made evident by the fact that the play/pause button is displaying the “pause” option, which indicates that the music is already playing.

With no options to configure and a simple goal in mind, Don’t Stop the Party! tweak is a quick and easy fix for a problem that has existed in the jailbreak community for years, and the tweak works as advised. 

So now you know how to keep music playing during iPhone resprings. To get this functionality go to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and grab Don’t Stop the Party! tweak for only $2.00. Luckily thee tweak supports both jailbroken iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices.

Note that it is possible to download a free release dubbed Don’t Stop the Party Lite from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. This free version of Don’t Stop the Party! only works with the Apple Music app and not with third-party music apps like the paid version described above. So if you use the Apple Music app to listen to the music the this tweak is for you.