Thursday, May 4, 2017

A New Tweak Shrinks Notification Banners And Widgets On iPhone

A new jailbreak tweak known as FancyNC shrinks notification banners and widgets on iPhone by decreasing their visual footprint. To achieve this result the tweak clears both the headers and the separator lines that appear on interface elements in Notification Center  and on the Lock screen. Consequently, notifications and widgets that appear on your screen will take less space.

The tweak's effects are particularly visible when user’s got many notifications awaiting your attention Notification Center or on the Lock screen. 

So to try how  FancyNC  will shrink notification banners and widgets on your iPhone you should first install it. The tweak is totally free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It supports all jailbroken iOS 10 devices and has no options for configurations.

The big advantage is that FancyNC tweak effects are not only visible on the banner notifications that appear in Notification Center and on the Lock screen, but also on all throughout iOS 10 platform:

Although the tweak is really good at resizing the notification banners and widgets it has few missing options. For instance, the lack of headers makes it sometimes even unreal to tell what app the notification is coming from and the time when it was received. 

Another downside is more aesthetic, as the tweak leaves unsightly square corners around the tops of notification banners. 

But the good news are that Demy Kromhof, the developer behind the tweak, is planning to release a fresh update. This next release will include new features that will allow users to see when the notification was received, and users will also get the option to enable a 3D Touch gesture to activate/deactivate the separator lines in Notification Center and on the Lock screen. It is expected that this new update to the tweak will be released very soon.