Monday, May 1, 2017

ExactTime Shows Exactly When Notifications Were Received On iPhone

If your device is jailbroken, then when you install a new Cydia tweak it will show exactly when notifications were received on your iPhone. Usually when there are missed notifications on your iOS 10 iPhone, you can find what’s is unread in Notification Center. Every notification header shows an estimate time of when it was received.

Dubbed as ExactTime this new free jailbreak tweak helps improve on this little problem notifications by forcing iOS to show the exact time when a notification was received. On the screenshot below you can compare how the notification banner header looks before and after installing the ExactTime tweak.

As shown on the screenshot, iOS 10 normally shows that the notification was received two minutes (2m) ago. In this example, you wouldn’t know the exact time as iOS won’t give you any detailed info about the time.

ExactTime tweak solves the complicated problem indefinitely by showing exactly when notifications were received on your iPhone right down to the very minute. As you can see on the image example the tweak displays the exact time (12:03 PM) when the notification was received.

The big advantage of the tweak is that it affects the headers of all notifications throughout iOS 10. It means that  works not only in Notification Center but also on the Lock screen and for notification banners that pop up throughout iOS.

So if are interested in trying ExactTime tweak then it is available as a free download package from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. There is no option to configure for this tweak. That means the tweak will start working after installation. The tweak is intended to work with iOS 10, and it’s a strict requirement. So keep that in mind.