Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How To Force Safari To Load Web Pages In Reader Or Full Screen Mode In iOS10

If you want to force Safari to load web pages in Reader or full screen mode in iOS 10 then you should try new Cydia release called SafaReaderFullScroll. The tweak gives you visual options to make better and more functional your Safari app adding such features as:
  • force Safari to launch Compatible Pages always in the Reader Mode View
  • force Safari to launch Pages always in Full Scrolling Screen Mode View

In order to force Safari to load web pages in Reader or full screen mode in iOS 10 you need to Cydia’s BigBoss repository and grab SafaReaderFullScroll for free. The tweak works with both jailbroken iOS 10 and iOS 9 devices.

To set up your favorite web page loading mode, you need to navigate to the tweak's preferences pane via the Settings app, that will be added after installation. There you'll find two separate toggles for enabling Reader mode for each page you load and for enabling full-screen mode.

Full screen mode is more useful when you want to view a website how it’s meant to be seen. This lets you view more information at a glance, which is useful for viewing online picture galleries or reading articles.

Reader mode will be useful when you don’t want to view ads or website formatting, but rather prefer to view only a web page’s text and images.

On the screenshot example below, you can see the difference in the way Safari loads pages with and without SafaReaderFullScroll tweak installed. The example displays both Reader mode and full screen mode (right) against the stock mode (left).

Once the choice is made you need to quit Safari from the App Switcher and then restart the app to saves your changes.

So if you prefer to use either of these two Safari modes, SafaReaderFullScroll tweak allows you to interact with them any time without having to manually enable/disable them.