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Friday, February 24, 2017

How To Share Multiple Photos And Videos In One Instagram Post On iPhone

As you know Instagram has recently gained interested feature that allows users to share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram post on iPhone. So if you want to try this new feature on your device follow easy steps below.

How To Post multiple Photos And Videos In One Instagram Post 

Step1) Launch Instagram on your iOS 10 device, then tap the Plus icon in the middle of the tab bar at the screen bottom, then tap Library.

Step 2) Tap the Select Multiple button in the lower right corner of the image preview so it turns blue. You can choose up to 10 photos or videos. When you’re done, hit Next button in the top right.

Step 3) On the next screen, tap a filter at the bottom to apply the effect to every photo and video you’ve selected. If you click each one you can edit them independently.

Step 4) Write your caption and select a location. The location and caption are applied to the entire post and can edited after the post is live. If you want to tag someone, just tap Tag People, swipe to a desired picture, then tap Tag.

Now tap a photo, then use the text filed at the top to search for one or more accounts you’d like to tag. Hit Done button to finish tagging the photo, then tap outside the image to get back to the sharing screen.

Step 5) Lastly hit Share button to publish your multi-item post.

It is as easy as it is! Now you know how to share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram post on iPhone. Multiple-picture posts look just like regular ones in the Instagram feed, except for a row of dots underneath the picture showing how many photos there are.

Friday, January 13, 2017

How To Restart The iPhone Timer From Lock Screen

New jailbreak tweak called OnceMore lets you restart the iPhone Timer from Lock Screen. As every iOS device user you know that the Timer in the Clock app allows you to set a countdown timer and receive an alert when it finishes. OnceMore jailbreak tweak lets you restart the timer after it ends, right from your Lock screen.

How To Restart The iPhone Timer From Lock Screen In iOS 10

Normally, when you set a timer on your iPhone and it ends, your device will start to play an alarm and display a stop button on the Lock screen. OnceMore adds a second button to the Lock screen, right below the stop button, that allows you to repeat that timer again. This saves you time from manually going to the Clock app and setting the same timer all over again.

So to get the ability to restart the iPhone Timer from Lock Screen you should head to Cydia and grab OnceMore for free of charge. The tweak doesn’t come with any additional preferences pane. Once you install it, OnceMore will be enabled by default. All you have to is to set the timer in the Clock app and enjoy the added ability of restarting it right from your Lock screen.

Rather than unlocking your device, launching the Clock app, and then visiting the timer tab all over again to set a spent timer back up again, you can simply tap a button on the Lock screen to achieve the same result.

As soon as you tap on the ‘Tap to restart’ button that appears underneath the typical “Tap to stop” button, the new timer will begin immediately and start counting down.

This simple feature is something that Apple should have added as part of iOS. Another feature that I wish OnceMore offered is to show the timer on the Lock screen. Right now, there’s no way that you can view the timer when your device is locked. The Lock screen only displays a notification when the countdown timer has ended.