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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

iOS 9 Live Photos Tweak For Older iOS 8 Devices

A new iOS 9 Live Photos tweak brings this great innovative exclusive feature like proactive, that breathes new life into static photography, to older iPhones. Live Photos feature works by shoehorning the picture in between video captured just prior and just after the picture is taken. The resulting effect is a “live” picture that moves on your display, lending context to the photo at hand.

A well known tweak developer, Elias Limneos, who has released tweaks like CallBar and BioProtect, just introduced PhotosLive - an excellent interpretation of Apple’s Live Photos for older jailbroken devices. It is very interesting how he managed to provoke this iPhone 6s feature to work on old iPhones.

New Tweak Brings iOS 9 Live Photos Feature To iOS 8 Devices

When you install PhotosLive tweak, you’ll need to open up the pop up box that first appears after reboot to download the license. Once you done, you can start using the tweak.

Before you do that, navigate to the Settings app to configure the PhotosLive’s preferences. Inside its preference panel, you’ll find a whole bulk of custom settings to configure the tweak to your personal liking. Here you will find options for toggling PhotosLive, enabling a Retina Flash-inspired front facing flash, and additional miscellaneous settings. You can also adjust the video capture duration of PhotosLive.

To use iOS 9 Live Photos tweak, launch the stock Camera app, and make sure that the PhotosLive toggle is enabled. Once it is, take a picture, and PhotosLive will automatically capture additional photos needed to provide you with an animated live images. Also there is another amazing tweak for your camera which is called CameraTweak 3 and you can install it right now to try.

PhotosLive tweak has many advantages. You can even save Live photos to the Lock screen wallpaper, and touch-and-hold to animate, similar to how you can do with the iPhone 6s. What is more PhotosLive photos will even sync in your library, and data is hardcoded in the JPEG photo itself (Apple’s version creates separate video files). You can even use PhotosLive with photo filters, and export photos as GIF animations for sharing.

It is worth to say here that there are few differences between PhotosLive tweak and Apple’s official Live Photos feature. For example, with Apple’s version, users can hear sound when playing back Live Photos because it’s truly a video. While Apple’s implementation uses actual video, Limneos is embedding additional JPEG frames inside of the original image.

You can grab PhotosLive jailbreak tweak for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo, but hurry up as the sale price is only for launch week. After that it will cost $2.99.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Altkeyboard 2 Tweak Is Now Updated To iOS 8

Great news for jailreakers about Altkeyboard 2 iOS 8 update. This jailbreak tweak has been out for a long time and is a very powerful jailbreak tweak that greatly improves the stock iOS keyboard. Unfortunately the tweak was only compatible with iOS 7. Alt Keyboard 2 for iOS 7 was originally designed by Sentry_NC and coded by ac3xx (James Long).

If you happened to ever use it before, you’ll be glad to find out that the recent update made to the tweak now makes it compatible with iOS 8 devices including iOS 8.4.

If you’re not familiar with it, then Altkeyboard 2 jailbreak tweak for iOS 8 iPhone enhances your experience using the stock iOS keyboard by making it easier to input upper case and non-alphabetical characters. When you install it, you will notice some changes: series of alternate keys have been placed above the original keyboard keys.

You can swipe up on a key to input the alternate key or instead swipe down to enter the upper case letter of the key. This means that you no longer have to switch back and forth between upper case mode or numeric keys as the tweak provides simple swipe up and swipe down gestures to input them.

iOS 8 Altkeyboard 2 tweak also adds a few other functionality that work with the shift key, spacebar, backspace, and return key. For example, you can easily swipe up the spacebar key to quickly select, cut, copy or paste a piece of text. When you swipe up backspace key you will see options such as: Undo Tiping, Undo and Cancel. Another great feature about this tweak is that if you type the word and swipe up the button above the Shift key you will be represented with the definition of this particular word.

Altkeyboard 2 iOS 8 updated jailbreak tweak can be downloaded for $2.99 in the BigBoss repo. Existing users can update to the latest version for free.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Change iPhone Alarm Snooze Time on iOS 8 [Jailbreak Tweak]

It is possible to choose your personal snooze time for every alarm you have even if you are on the iOS 8 iPhone 6 or any other model. Once you jailbreak your gadget iPhone alarm adjust for Snooze becomes available since Cydia store has solutions for different situations, including ours.

The tweak you might like to download is called Sleeper. It is available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99. Follow the instruction and learn what you can do with this tool.

How to Change iPhone Alarm Snooze Time

Step 1. After you install the iOS 8 jailbreak tweak from Cydia you will find a new option right in your Clock application.

Step 2. Select an alarm you wish to customize and find a new toggle just below Snooze. It has been installed with your tweak. Remember to toggle on your Snooze otherwise you will not see the new feature added.

Step 3. You can edit alarms and add new ones, and with the tweak you can click on Snooze Time menu and find a new page where it is possible to set Snooze time on iOS 8 firmware by selecting seconds, minutes or hours.

Step 4. If you wish to reset the time you have to click on Reset Default option.

Step 5. After you set your Snooze time and saved the alarm, you will just have to snooze it when it rings and the snoozing time will be set to the custom you have selected.

The tool is useful for users who have a lot of alarms set.

Sleeper is an interesting tweak for iPhone owners who like to sleep in the mornings but don’t want to be late to work or somewhere else.

Friday, December 26, 2014

How to Place iOS 8 Notification Center Widgets in Reachability View [Jailbreak App]

Would you like to have all your iOS 8 Notification Center widgets [your favorite ones, of course] in one place, in Reachability view? It is possible to do on 2014 iPhone models that support the new firmware feature and are jailbroken.

If you didn’t have time to jailbreak iOS 8 iPhone with Pangu you can do so now. Users who are running newer iOS 8.1.2 can be jailbroken with TaiG tool. You can see that there are at least two safe programs that can make you free from all the restrictions and strict rules set by Apple, and the whole process is superior fast. You will not even notice time as the smartphone will get Cydia store in just a couple of moments.

There are a lot of iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks you can find on Cydia. Carpe Diem is one of them and this program is the one that can add your beloved Notification Center widgets in Reachability which is the one-handed usage option on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

Each time you invoke your Reachability feature you will see an empty space there. This is where Carpe Diem can add your favorite widget [it doesn’t matter if this is the stock or any widget downloaded from iTunes or App Store].

Let’s imagine you like to get simple access to your Calendar. Add this widget to Reachability and no matter what application you will use, invoke Reachability and find Calendar there. Here is how everything works.

Step 1. Download Carpe Diem from BigBoss Cydia repo. The tool costs $0.99 and it can be easily installed on the jailbroken cell phone.

Step 2. Launch Settings where you will find a new preference pane that belongs to your new jailbreak tweak.

Step 3. The program will display all your widgets.

Step 4. Click on one of the widgets you wish to add to Reachability view and it will appear there.

Please, let us know if you have any problems with the tool or can advice a similar free jailbreak tweak to our dear readers.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Best iOS 6 iPad Jailbreak Tweaks

Only today and only here you will have the ability to learn about the list of the best iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tweaks.

The first tweak in our list – Winterboard for iOS 6. You already may go to Cydia and download this version of Winterboard with Winterboard iOS compatibility. Together with this application, you will be able to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a great amount of different themes. Don’t forget to update themes to properly work for iOS 6.

IntelliScreenX is one of the best iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tweaks. Download this app on Cydia and get your own Notification Center on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, this option is not available for iPad users.

FullForce tweak makes your iPhone or iPad applications look much clearer, like the magic Retina display on the new iPad. Moreover, iPhone apps with the help of this tweak became the iPad apps. This application is free to install from Cydia.

Lockscreen Clock Hide is another great app from the list of the best iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tweaks. You can download this tweak for free from ModMyi on Cydia. You may already get, that this application permits your clock and date disappear from the Lockscreen. It’s very useful.

Pay your attention at Spire jailbreak tweak. With the help of this free tweak you can install Siri on your jailbroken iDevice on iOS 6.

iFile – is one more jailbreak tweak or let’s say a full system file browser, which allows to view file strings from your iGadget. You can edit or delete any file you want with this tweak.

Activator app is also in our best iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tweaks list. This application today supports not only iPad, but also iPhone and iPod touch. Assign to every function of iOS with this amazing tweak.

Another great iOS 6 jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich – Belfry. The application brings the stock iPhone apps. You can find there Weather, Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, Compass and Stocks to Apple’s iPad.

Colorkeyboard app allows to change the color of your gadget’s keyboard by accessing the tweak’s menu. Jailbreak your iPhone and install this superb tweak for iOS 6.

And the last but maybe the most popular app, which apperared in our best iOS 6 iPad jailbreak tweaks list, is called Graviboard. Add gravity to your icons and let them bounce around with this cool jailbreak tweak.

We hope that you are satisfied with our list of Best iOS 6 iPad Jailbreak Tweaks.